Custom Builds

Customizing a Toolkit build allows for the inclusion or exclusion of plugins within generated output files. This is especially useful for projects where plugins are needed on a case by case basis.

When running a build, both a minified and unminified version will be created.



To customize a build, Node.js, NPM, and Gulp are required. Processing CSS files will also require Sass. Installation of these libraries can be found on their respective websites. NPM packages can be installed using npm install.


Choosing Plugins

When generating a custom build, a whitelist of plugin names can be defined through the --plugins option in the command line. This option will accept a comma separated list of plugin names. If no option is defined, all plugins will be included.

gulp --plugins=tooltip,modal,buttonGroup

After the command executes, compiled CSS and Javascript files will be written to the build/ folder. It's as simple as that.

The list of available plugins can be found in the manifest.json found within the root of the project.


Normalize Integration

By default, normalize.css will be included at the top of the generated CSS file. To not include normalize, supply the --no-normalize option.


Right-To-Left Support

When passing the --rtl option, the compiled CSS file name will be appended with -rtl. This does not actually trigger RTL styles, that will require modifying Sass variables.


Combining Options

Like other command line utilities, all options can be used at once, and in any order. Go crazy and customize as you please!

gulp --plugins=buttonGroup,tooltip --no-normalize